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The power of networking can work wonders in the film industry - has given me the platform to network and land a role in a short film, Pollination!

" Maria Rusolo : After being encouraged by Sam Borowski at the ForTalent booth at last year's Showbiz Expo, I not only signed up for the site, but regularly visit. And, it was Borowski, ForTalent's industry insider, who wound up casting me in his short, POLLINATION * starring opposite..." Read the Rest

- Maria Rusolo

I'm glad I joined, and won the contest that jump-started my career!

" Samantha Tuffarelli : It was meant to be that I joined ForTalent and then later submitted on a last-minute whim to the WILL YOU BE MY NEXT GREAT SUCCESS STORY contest, sponsored by SamBorowski.  And, in retrospect, I feel like his next great success story : I am about to embark on my..." Read the Rest

- Samantha Tuffarelli

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  • Feb 27, 2017'Dolphins Have No Scales'

    Company Rose Even-Vered Rose Even-Vered, writer-dir. Production Description Casting real queer, female identifying individuals and butch lesbians for "Dolphins Have No Scales," a student film that examines the femininity that lives in...
  • Feb 27, 2017Totally Square Records

    Company Totally Square Records Andreas Sahar, Artistic Director Production Description New recording artists sought to produce albums of all-original music. Roles Singer/Band  (Lead) : ...
  • Feb 27, 2017Skincare Demo Video / Study

    Company DermWORX - Professional Skincare Bart Zoni, Head of Marketing Production Description This is a combination event for a professional skincare brand. First, we will be video filming first impressions of a new and natural facial...
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