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August 31st, 2017 Comments

7 Editing and Writing Tools to Polish Your Blog Content


Running a blog may seem a piece of cake at first. However, when you dig deeper, you’ll surely come across a lot more issues than you’ve ever expected. Yes, blogging is way more than free-writing. Professional bloggers even suggest that you spend only around 20% of your time on the writing itself and 80% - on editing and proofreading your text.

Fortunately, we live in 2017 and there are lots of ways to simplify that process. For instance, there are a bunch of helpful tools to help you at every stage of content writing. Check them out to prepare a piece of content that will not leave anyone indifferent.

 1. Grammarly

A real must for any writer. What makes this app so helpful? Well, it’s the most sophisticated grammar and spelling checker that analyzes texts using advanced mechanisms similar to how people perceive written content. Moreover, it detects plagiarism too, so you won’t need to worry about that suspicious passage of text you’ve inserted.

 The best thing about Grammarly is its user-friendliness. With versions for different devices and plug-ins for browsers, this app can be your life saver in any occasion. Just upload your writing, wait a couple of seconds and see all the mistakes you’ve made.

 Most functions are available free of charge. Nevertheless, there’s a paid version with additional functionality that allows you to scan the text against plagiarism and stylistic errors.

 2. HemingwayApp

Since blog posts are usually targeted at the broader audience than just native speakers, you should make sure that your text provides an acceptable level of readability. A text filled with metaphors and advanced grammatical constructions may demonstrate your exceptional command of the language but at the same time contact your audience.

Hemingway Editor is a handy tool allowing you to check your post against wordiness, the complexity of sentences and overall readability. Hemingway highlights cases of superfluous use of adjectives and adverbs, as well as suggests ways of simplifying sentences.

When you upload your text for the first time, you receive a grade and a see all the aspects that can be simplified. By accepting suggestions, you’ll lower the level of complexity. Eventually, Grade 6 is what you should strive for in case you’re writing for the world market.

3. CoSchedule

Professional copywriters may spend days coming up with a catchy headline that converts. However, sometimes even this work becomes an exercise in futility. Imagine that there’s an instrument that can instantly say just how bad your headline is.

Well, there is one. Headline Analyzer points out even the smallest mistakes in your headline, bringing it closer to perfection. Even if you’ve got hundreds of articles in your portfolio, a tool like this will come in handy for even the greatest blog post may be spoilt by an unattractive headline.

 4. EliteEssayWriters

If you feel that you’re out of time for preparing a new blog post, according to your content plan, don’t worry – there’s a way out. EliteEssayWriters is a service where you can order essay or an article on a freelance basis without associated risks.

 EliteEssayWriters provide quality writing services for any subject. The best thing is that they guarantee to deliver the content on time and with the best quality.

 Thus, if you are short of resources to expand your team of content writers but still want to produce a stable amount of content for your blog, this is a good idea that will help you save time and effort. Besides, the service is reasonably priced so it’s definitely worth your consideration.

 5. ClicheFinder

Many of us have been there: producing a seemingly good piece of writing that is full of clichés and standard phrases. If you are originality-driven or want to increase the uniqueness of your text, ClicheFinder is what you’ve been looking for.

 How does it work? You upload your piece of text into the system, click “Find Cliches” and see every overused phrase being highlighted in red. Then, you have a choice: either get rid of the phrases completely or try to rewrite them. In any case, this will definitely improve the quality of your writing.

 Note: The rare message “Unhandled Exception” usually means that your text is free of clichés, so don’t worry. You haven’t spoilt anything.

 6. Asana

Anyone trying to organize a group of people has probably experienced similar teamwork problems. Failure to meet deadlines, several iterations of review, unclear reporting, etc. – all these issues can make your work a real chore.

If you have a team of content writers, Asana is a tool for you. It gives you an opportunity to see all pending tasks in a calendar, assign them to members of your team, and track work process from beginning to end.

 Using this app, you can boost your productivity and make sure that everyone knows what to do and when to turn in the results of their work.

 7. Evernote

Despite the increasing competition among instant cloud notepads, Evernote remains the most powerful, functional and user-friendly.

One of the biggest bottlenecks of writing is that you should stick to one device where you started writing. However, with Evernote, you can do it wherever a good idea springs to mind.

 Besides, you can write on any device due to Evernote’s compatibility with various platforms. This way, you don’t have to ditch writing even when you’re commuting or traveling. Just wait till the device syncs with the cloud and continue the process on any other device.

 Wrap Up

All the tools we mentioned in this article are a great way to facilitate your writing. They're not perfect and won't make you a genius writer for the first thing you need is talent.

 However, if used properly, they can save you a good deal of time without sacrificing the quality of your work.

 Besides, consider them third-party reviewers that can point out the controversial aspects. You can listen to and abide by their advice or stick to your own sense of style. In any case, give them a go. Chances are you'll find something useful.


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