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September 25th, 2017 Comments

Tips to ask a girl out on a date

Asking a girl out can be pretty stressful. The key thing is that you do not want to over exaggerate anything. Always be yourself. It is a very unfortunate misconception that a girl is always looking for a tough guy or a good guy. What a girl is looking for is someone who is real, and they are confident with themselves.

Another thing that is very important is to let her know that you hear her. You must show interest in her feelings, troubles, meaningless babble and everything else. If she knows that her feelings, wants and needs matter then you will matter too.


A girl wants a guy she can be comfortable, have fun and be herself with. She does not want compliments when she is all dressed to kill. She needs complimented on the little things even if she is wearing sweats. Just be yourself, and always be open even when you ask her out. Just tell her that you would love to go out with her and ask her!

Be careful not to go overboard on the compliments though. No one wants to be the center of your affection all of the time. Only say it if you mean it. The first sign of falseness can send her running the other way. With girls trust is a big issue.

Girls are emotional and mental where guys are visual and physical. This is not a free pass to be grungy and not keep your appearance up though guys. Women like to know that their man is nice looking and nice smelling too. The thing is no matter how good you ok, if there is no mental connection then you probably won’t get that date.

Notice the things that she likes. You may even inquire about her hobbies with some of her friends. You want to ask her to go do something that you will both enjoy. It will go a long way as well when she realizes that you have paid attention. Common ground is a huge factor in things. If you have none then one date may be all you get.

If you do not like the date then it will show. You do not want to seem board or restless. You do not want her to feel that way either. Another thing is do not aim so high on the first date when making your plans that it is impossible to top. Remember when you are getting tips to ask a girl out that the first date will set the mode for future dates. Another thing to remember is that a movie should be saved for the comfortable quiet stage of the relationship. In the beginning make plans to go places that you can converse, communicate and interact.

Source: DatingTop10.Net

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