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October 29th, 2017 Comments

When a marital bond breaks leading to a thorough disintegration

Divorce is the termination of a marriage or a marital union. The laws of divorce vary from different regions across the world but legal processes are involved. Even the laws of divorce are not static and often change due to the evolving social norms of society. Other factors like alimony or spousal support, child access, parenting time, distribution of property, and division of debt are also some of the factors that need to be noticed. Divorce allows remarrying. Philippines, Vatican City and the British Crown Dependency of Sark are the only nations that still do not permit the provision of divorce. Divorce should be the last and final step to be taken in order to avoid dreadful consequences. The act of divorce not only affects the couple but also affects the entire family leading to disintegration.

Reasons that lead to divorce between couples

ü  Extra marital affairs or the unhealthy influence of a third person are responsible for the cause of divorce. Now, the reasons behind why people cheat are not transparent and often involve anger or resentment.

ü  Lack of intimacy can make couples frustrated. It is not always about proper sex every night but shortage of mental connectivity. It is the responsibility of both partners to carry out a healthy relationship. Tinge of kindness, appreciation, trust are important to sweeten your relationship

ü  A sad reality though but still physical and emotional abuse are often related to divorce. No one can tolerate the stage when he or she is being abused by their spouse regardless of the reason. No one likes to end their marriage in court rooms so it is important to address the issues in the very beginning of the relationship.

ü  Statistics show that the highest rates of divorce are found among couples in their 20s especially between the fourth and eighth anniversary.

ü  To experience a joyful, respectful, harmonious relation, one should take necessary responsibilities and satisfy the partner. Good communication can built any marital relationship stronger.

ü  To get divorce you need to reside for some months or a year together though the time span varies. For example, to get uncontested divorce in Texas one needs to stay for minimum of 6 months


Role of children in the divorce

Divorce can have numerous kinds of effects on the children. Kids of these broken marriages suffer and they sometimes fantasize so that their parents once again get united in order to provide them the essence of a harmonious family. Children need to be responsible enough for their own upbringing.  In fact, children should never be used as a weapon during a custody trial. Some overburdened children really face difficulties in choosing one parent over another and afterwards they feel guilty. Older studies show that boys had greater social adjustment problems than girls but recently the results have changed showing boys and girls suffer equally due the act of divorce. It is impossible to replace the position of a mother or father by the introduction of stepparents. Step family relationships need to be modified by negotiating expectations, setting realistic goals and redefining roles. The constant turbulence that is created due to the process of divorce often disturbs the psychological functioning of children. Not trying to be sexist, but girls tend to internalize their distress thus becoming depressed and suffering from headaches, etc. But, the boys are more externally symptomatic and burst out their anger, frustration leading to peer fight in schools or colleges.




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